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American Psycho

I just LOVE paintjobs like this!  The challenge is doing perfectly clean graphics, layout and line-work hiding imagery, but then still making it Nasty.
Check out the video to see the hidden Reverse Ghost Effect, if you are wondering what the hidden image is, its a bunch of Butcher Knives.  it can Only be seen in [...]

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LumiLor Blue Fire Bagger

LumiLor Electroluminescent Blue Fire! I was pushed to my limits with laying out the lit area; reflected and illuminated color and intensity levels, and especially wiring. I’m very fortunate to have been able to do a paint job like this, and to be able to use this Amazing Product! [...]

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Lord of the Rings Motorcycle

Whew…a huge chunk of my life was devoted to this Paintjob and a lot of people came through to help me out with different aspects of this bike. It started as a Stock Harley Davidson Limited Low and I Changed the Base to a House of Kolor Cocoa Pearl Basecoat. The amount of artwork and [...]

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Lord of the Rings LumiLor

This is a Front Fender on a Harley Davidson Limited Low. The rest of the bike is completely covered in the story and characters from the Lord of the Rings movies.  You probably just saw the rest of the bike and artwork in the previous post…

There is something Very Special about this fender; it Lights [...]

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Tangelo Candy Custom Bagger

One of my favorite colors; House of Kolor Tangelo Kandy!  …wait, i take that back, i dont have a favorite color.  This was a really fun layout and combination of organic and the graphic elements.  The bike was based in House of Kolor Orion Silver and then cleared for the artwork.  The graphics were taped [...]

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Challenger Mopar Super Bee

This was a challenge (no pun intended.)  As far as i know, there isnt a Super Bee logo that isnt straight on, so I had to create it from scratch.  It was a blank green hood and adding the black graphic with the Mopar logo in the background could have been enough, but the customer [...]

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Afghanistan Sniper Death Dealer

The owner of this bike actually called me from a satellite phone from Afghanistan about painting his bike…needless to say, i was honored.  He and his crew are some bad ass snipers in Afghanistan, i wont tell you where, but they take care of some serious business!
The skeleton with the black wings, red cloak, scarf [...]

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Pit Bull Dedication Artwork

Mans best friend Indeed.  K-9s are near and dear to my heart, and this project was a great one to work on.
The owner of this bike and his family have rescued these Pits from some pretty dire straights.
And as a dedication to this great breed and these particular dogs, he asked me to airbrush them on his chopper.
One of my favorites for sure!

british dispensary

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Airbrushed Bomber Time Trials Helmet

Don’t let the panels and rivets fool you.  This helmet weighs nothing.
The client wanted to be able to be seen in the mass of other cyclists while competing.
I don’t think that will be an problem…

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Pink Real Fire and Flames

This Harley Davidson Switchback with super hot pink real fire and flames was a really fun paint job.
The customer was a joy to work with.
She new exactly what she wanted and i was able to tap into the mental waves and her vision.

I must say, i would love to cruse around on a bike like this…

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