18.08.2016 Motorcycle Paint Jobs No Comments

LumiLor Harley for Roger Clemens

I have to say it was an Honor to be able to put a custom airbrush paint job and incorporate LumiLor into a Harley Davidson owned by the Legendary Roger Clemens. His nephew came to me with a lot of good questions and a Great rendering of what he was thinking of doing to his [...]

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06.10.2014 Motorcycle Paint Jobs No Comments


She is one you don’t want to mess with. The owner of this cursed sled has wanted a bad ass chopper for almost 10 years. He finally has broken the spell!
It started as a rolling chassis with monster inverted front end, wheels and a baker tranny. It has a S&S motor with characteristic round jugs [...]

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06.03.2014 How To: Airbrushing Tips, Motorcycle Paint Jobs, Promotion, Techniques No Comments

Marilyn Monroe Airbrushing on Lumilor Electroluminescent Paint

IMO, this technology is biggest thing to hit the paint world since urethanes came around. It’s a, well, its THE ONLY electroluminescent paint out in the world. There’s not another product like this around. There are EL panels and EL vinyl, but none of those can be applied to complex curves and surfaces like Lumilor. [...]

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02.03.2012 Motorcycle Paint Jobs 1 Comment

Fire Fighter Chopper

Finally after wanting a custom chopper for 7 years, it became a reality.  The owner of the bike is a Fire Chief in Louisiana.  After years of research, he decided on Jeff Williams from Sinners Cycles here in Austin, to do the build and me, (Mathias) to do the paint and airbrushing.
The bike is a [...]

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23.04.2011 Motorcycle Paint Jobs No Comments

Dos XX

Metalflake Builtwell helmet with some designs that just went wild.  the only imagery worthy to adorn something like this had to be “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” 
Stay thirsty my friends…what else is there to say?

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10.04.2011 Motorcycle Paint Jobs 1 Comment

Bryan “Buddy” Monroe

Watch Airbrush Demo!
Wow… this is a tough one to write, so I will keep it simple. I never knew Buddy, but I really wished I did after hearing and reading so many great stories about him. The best combination of role model and joker all wrapped up in one.
I was honored to be the one [...]

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29.03.2011 Motorcycle Paint Jobs No Comments

Dirty Weather

There are so many stories to this bike and its owner, i’m not even going to start talking about this one.
But, the technicalities of the paint are a mid metallic silver base, a shitload of airbrushing and brandywine kandy on top.  If while you are looking at this paintjob and something stands out to you [...]

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29.03.2011 Motorcycle Paint Jobs No Comments

Highnoon Western Airbrushed Mural

This is a recreation of a work of art by a famous black artist named Kadir Nelson.  The original is pretty awesome!   I attempted to do it justice on a harley faring.  The original painting  is in color, but i airbrushed it in grayscale to go with the rest of the bike which is a dark platnum.
Website [...]

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11.09.2010 Motorcycle Paint Jobs No Comments

UT Ducati

People do some pretty crazy things when it comes to sports. This is a show of some pretty amazing team spirit!  There is airbrushing all around the whole bike.  Complete with the tower with the #1 lit up, bevo, retired jersey numbers, football textured side panels, pinstriped wheels…well, you pretty much have to see the [...]

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29.08.2010 Motorcycle Paint Jobs No Comments


Sometimes you can find more than hay and a good time in an old barn. A find like this is a dream come true for most motorcycle enthusiasts. Yes, it was stored in a barn and yes, it was a mess. Five bags of sand were used just on the frame to remove all [...]

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