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SciFi Airbrushed Lens Machine

This is a detail shot of a Lens Cutting Machine that is a Desktop Unit for Coburn Technologies.  The company goes all out for the Optometry Expos held twice a year in Las Vegas and New York.  I used vinyl masking for the trim work and center piece shading, and then freehand airbrushing and House [...]

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Steampunk Airbrushed Machines

So you may be wondering what this steampunk themed work is on? Right, its not a motorcycle…these are covers to an eyeglass lens cutting machine made by Coburn Technologies. This is the third machine I’ve painted for them and it was showcased in Las Vegas summer 2014 optometry expo.
The last two i did for them [...]

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31 Ford

Usually I end up hating a project that I’ve been sanding on for a month, but for some reason I still like this car. I guess im just spoiled on how quick motorcycles go. Maybe its because there were no stupid plastic parts to snap while working on it. Or maybe it was my imagination [...]

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Airbrushed Pinup Girl

Well, ok, you got me.  She is not really a pinup girl in the traditional sense.  I just did that for the tags.  But you can’t deny that that she is one of the most beautiful women you have ever seen.
I started by shooting the panel with chrome metal flake.  The border trim accents are [...]

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23.04.2011 Other Paint Jobs, Uncategorized 1 Comment

Root Beer Kandy

This is my favorite airbrush painting yet!  It started as an aluminum panel with chrome metalflake as a base.  Then came some lace and some root beer kandy for the background.  The four gold border corners around her is fine metallic silver with gold kandy and root beer kandy used through a texture FX stencil.  I [...]

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11.04.2011 Other Paint Jobs 2 Comments

Skull Airbrushing

Watch the Skull Airbrushing video!
Some times i need some personal time to get some frustration out.  This kind of airbrushing is usually what happens if i cant go shoot any guns.

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06.11.2010 Other Paint Jobs No Comments

Pinstriping and Airbrushing

Just some test panels with pin striping and some airbrushing.  The flask is one of three that I did as gifts for the groomsmen at my wedding.
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Airbrushed Mural -tailgate

Ahh, the quintisential earth-scape mural.  It all started with the vehicle campers love for nature, but they had an addiction to the convenience of technology…me too.  Mostly you’ve seen them on RVs and such, but they can be on everything- like a 95 Silverado.
The truck in the mural is the truck that the tailgate [...]

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Airbrushed Mural -Hood

The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth.  The original owner of this truck passed away.  Then the vehicle was hit and repairs had to be done.  The hood was one of the parts re-worked and repainted. 
The animal started as a bat, then to a hawk, then resolved itself into a Phoenix.  It just naturally [...]

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11.09.2010 Other Paint Jobs No Comments

Custom Painted Sailfish

Custom airbrushing a fish to look like an American flag doesn’t happen every day in the custom motorcycle painting world. The completion day happened to be 9-11. Pretty appropriate.
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