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Marilyn Monroe Airbrushing on Lumilor Electroluminescent Paint

IMO, this technology is biggest thing to hit the paint world since urethanes came around. It’s a, well, its THE ONLY electroluminescent paint out in the world. There’s not another product like this around. There are EL panels and EL vinyl, but none of those can be applied to complex curves and surfaces like Lumilor. [...]

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“Lethal Weapon”

I love when I meet people who think outside the box. They’re the ones who really push the limit and want to challenge the status quo. The guy who built this bike is exactly that type of personality.
He came to me with this crazy looking gas tank that looked like the helmet for a Star [...]

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04.05.2009 How To: Airbrushing Tips, Techniques 1 Comment

Drawing isn’t dead.

Well, it might be to some guys.  Not this guy.  I always keep a journal of crazy sketches, ideas, visions that come to me in my sleep… anything that inspires me.  I have shelves full of them - no shit.
I can’t stress the importance of this enough: Drawing isn’t just a fundamental skill in my [...]

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