07.07.2010 Motorcycle Paint Jobs 2 Comments

This Girl is Trouble

An already sick looking bike gets even badder!  This bike originally had a silver paint job and looked pretty good.  It was at Texas Custom Choppers, sold and then the owner wanted to put some custom airbrushing on the tins.  since the scheme was black and silver, it needed to stay monochromatic.  The owner of the bike was in Afganistan and i did the airbrushing  just before he got back to the states.  This is a great example of  adding some custom work to original paint.

2 Responses to “This Girl is Trouble”

  1. BMash says:

    That’s sick man… very cool. Love the ghost-white paint scheme. Gorgeous typography & detail.

  2. Travis White says:

    I am the owner of the bike, the guy in Afghanistan. I could not be happier with the bike! I get compliments from everyone everywhere i go about how badass it is. I highly recommend Mathias and if I ever get anymore custom paint work I will only go to Mathias!!!! Thanks Matt.

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