29.08.2010 Motorcycle Paint Jobs No Comments


Sometimes you can find more than hay and a good time in an old barn. A find like this is a dream come true for most motorcycle enthusiasts. Yes, it was stored in a barn and yes, it was a mess. Five bags of sand were used just on the frame to remove all the shotty bondo work and reveal all the welding that was going to be redone.

From the beginning, blue was going to be the color. The owner wanted it to be a Porsche blue. But once he compared the sports car color to some of my suggestions, the Porsche blue literally went into the trash. HOK Magic Blue Pearl sealed the deal. Then I did some gold leaf pinstripes and that was striped in One Shot Process Blue.

I love when old bikes find an owner who cares about them and want to bring them back to the land of the living. It’s a preservation of history, engineering and style that should always play a current part in our lives.

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