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Vintage Custom Painted Roadking

Every once in awhile, I get some clients that have an experience that really touches me. These folks went through a very tragic experience when they lost their son to a sudden brain tumor. He was a budding and talented pilot with no fear and a passion for the sky. His attitude was unstoppable; unfortunately, our bodies are weaker than our minds and spirits and sometimes just can’t keep up with us.

This is his mothers Road king. It came from the factory two tone root beer. It was a great looking paint scheme from Harley, but it just wasn’t right for her. The sea foam green is based off of a 1951 Ford F-150 with a perfect cream white to match with the two tone. The red pinstripe matches the Harley Davidson tank badge and another pinstripe that is a mid value gray to tie things together.

A lot of people were questioning the sanity of changing the original root beer colors of this beautiful bike to the vintage retro colors. If it aint broke, don’t fix it…right…whatever. Even the flat black lovin’ bikers ended up coming around and liking it. HA.

There are some memorial murals on this bike, but are kept small and subtle. On the right side panel, there is a prop from a corsair tweaked into a cross with her son’s sunrise and sunset incorporated into the design. On the left panel, there is a mural of “Glacier Girl.” For those unfamiliar with that particular aircraft, it is a P-38 lightning which had to do an emergency landing with its squadron in Greenland during WWII. It was recovered years later and then restored to original flying condition, even with hot guns. The date next to the airbrushed plane was when this recovered P-38 graced the sky at her sons Celebration of Life party.

Life is short. Don’t waste your time here people!

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  1. JanC says:

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