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31 Ford

Usually I end up hating a project that I’ve been sanding on for a month, but for some reason I still like this car. I guess im just spoiled on how quick motorcycles go. Maybe its because there were no stupid plastic parts to snap while working on it. Or maybe it was my imagination coming up with scenarios on what this car has been up to for 80+ years.

Glad its done and im pretty happy with the result, so was the customer. We did all the welding and bodywork in house at our shop (House of Air.) We pulled the whole interior, except for the headliner so we could get the jambs. Por 15 on the bottom and finished it up with SEM Hot Rod Flatz with some One Shot on top to match the Duplicolor that was on the motor.

My partner Scaz of Scartistics.com and Enrique of GotFlake.com were a huge part in helping this car get done. Hope you all like it.

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