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Marilyn Monroe Airbrushing on Lumilor Electroluminescent Paint

IMO, this technology is biggest thing to hit the paint world since urethanes came around. It’s a, well, its THE ONLY electroluminescent paint out in the world. There’s not another product like this around. There are EL panels and EL vinyl, but none of those can be applied to complex curves and surfaces like Lumilor. This paint actually lights up with the flick of a switch. The product is called Lumilor, created by Darkside Scientific, and it’s simply amazing! Our company, House of Air, is fortunate enough to have been able to work with them and their product.

OK, now an explanation of Marilyn; This is Three paint jobs in One. The panel on the tank was painted with Lumilor and then the artwork was done on top of the electroluminescent paint. It was definitely a new airbrushing experience. It was completely backwards from the normal way of painting. Instead of airbrushing on a black background, I had to leave the artwork areas alone, and I came in to the edges of the artwork with black, and a lot of it. The light emitted from the Lumilor is very powerful. Throughout the process, there was a whole lot of switching it on and off to get it right, because it has so many characteristics and looks depending on the lighting of the surrounding environment.

The bones were painted in black first, then a thin coat of white basecoat was painted over the bones, just enough so you couldn’t see the artwork underneath, and also so the intensity of the emitted light wasn’t affected. To get the skin tones and the rest of the colors, I used House of Kolor Kandy Koncentrates because the Kandys are very translucent and they would allow me to add color without compromising the light behind the artwork.

With the Lumilor paint turned off in a normally lit environment, the artwork on top (Marilyn) is only visible. Then the Lumilor paint is turned on and it’s a combination of emitted light passing through the artwork and the reflected light of the artwork on top. With the Lumilor turned on, and the environmental lighting dimmed or turned off, only the emitted light is visible…truly Awesome!

Stay tuned, there will be a lot more coming from Darkside Scientific and House of Air with Lumilor.




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