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Tangelo Candy Custom Bagger

One of my favorite colors; House of Kolor Tangelo Kandy!  …wait, i take that back, i dont have a favorite color.  This was a really fun layout and combination of organic and the graphic elements.  The bike was based in House of Kolor Orion Silver and then cleared for the artwork.  The graphics were taped out, then i airbrushed the skulls in a variety of angles and poses.  Once the airbrushing was done, it was time for the Tangelo Kandy.  I had to plan out which parts of the graphics were going to stay silver, and plan the order that the orange graphics were going to be removed so they become darker with each coat of kandy.  Once all the color was applied, I gave all the parts a clear coat.  The clear coat was then sanded, drop shadows were airbrushed and i pinstriped the graphics.  i cant wait to see the bike put back together in person at Jaw Droppin Customs in Corpus Cristie.

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