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High Voltage Van

This van used to be school bus yellow! It was a tarmac vehicle with a huge black 13 on the roof. I used a heat gun to remove the vinyl and pretty much focused on the roof before I got to the sides of the van. After I sanded it down, I prepped it for paint. I took off my shoes and put on some clean socks and painted the black while standing on the roof so I knew I had full coverage (I had a broken ladder at that time.) Prepped it again the next day and with a new, taller ladder, I cleared the roof.

Now I could focus on the rest of the body. All the doors were removed because they had those stupid external hinges and I didn’t want to have to get into all those nooks and krannies with them on the van. It’s a good thing that my room mate Kama helped me on this paintjob.

Some bodywork was needed on the van, but after that, everything was painted black and then put back on the van. Then I started airbrush designs and the artwork. After the clear coat was done I looked at the weather. It had been in the 70’s for the whole job, but a cold front was coming in the next day to stay for 6 months. This was done in the end of September in St. Louis…Completed just in time for an Outside Paintjob!

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