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Marilyn Monroe Airbrushing on Lumilor Electroluminescent Paint

IMO, this technology is biggest thing to hit the paint world since urethanes came around. It’s a, well, its THE ONLY electroluminescent paint out in the world. There’s not another product like this around. There are EL panels and EL vinyl, but none of those can be applied to complex curves and surfaces like Lumilor. [...]

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Welcome to Mathias Airbrushing, my journal of custom motorcycle paint.  If you love bikes like I do, you’ll appreciate my creative enthusiasm when it comes to customization.  I was part of the custom paint division of Texas Custom Choppers for about 4 years until they closed their doors and decided to quit the motorcycle business.  Shortly after that, i started my own shop with Brandon “Scaz” Scarmazzo, who is a fabulous artist and painter, and our shop is called “House of Air,” and we have the highest end custom paint facility in Austin.  Along with our shop being top notch, our extremely high level of creativity, experience and quality is hard to match.   This site is a documentation of my life and work.  Surf around and enjoy yourself… and when you’re ready to crank your own ride up a few notches,  call me.