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About Mathias

Mathias Airbrushing and Custom Paint is located in Austin Texas, and designs quality, custom artwork for creative people and innovative companies all over the country, and who want to turn their projects into one-of-a-kind works of art. With more than 15 years of experience painting anything from motorcycles, cars, and boats to aircraft, prototypes, and corporate murals, I can paint pretty much anything I can point a paint gun at and I welcome challenges and the chance to paint something I haven’t painted before.

I have an incredibly strong work ethic and passion for what I do. Painting is my craft and I give careful planning and attention to each project I design. Special consideration is taken into the flow and lines of the pieces I paint to accentuate and complement their form. What makes a piece go from good to great is the amount of thought, detail, precision, and creativity that goes into it. I believe in doing the job right the first time using premium materials and never skimp at any point of the process. My customers expect, and receive, a high-quality product.

My shop gives clients the opportunity to go even further with their designs by offering LumiLor, the world’s only electroluminescent paint. By applying this innovative paint and connecting it to a power source you can turn the paint on like a light bulb, illuminating your custom paint job. It’s yet another way Mathias Airbrushing and Custom Paint can turn your project into a unique and amazing piece of art.

I operate the most state-of-the-art custom paint and airbrushing studio in the region. It is 3,000 square feet, containing a 26’x14’ dual downdraft automotive paint booth along with a custom paint art gallery showcasing everything from portraits to pin-striping. If you like what you have learned here about me and the work I do, I invite you to come to our showroom to meet me, check out the art gallery for inspiration, and witness a LumiLor paintjob light up in person. Im looking forward to your ideas.

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