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Green Shifty Flake

This guy wasn’t prepared for this level of coolness with this paint job. He bought an 81 iron head sportster that was stock. He stopped in to a motorcycle shop called Texas Bike Works to get some oil and they started talking about bikes. This shop owner had a frame that was just perfect for this sporty and that is where it all started. The tear down began when the sporty blew a head gasket.

A few color schemes were tossed around (all with flake in mind) but it came down to a shifty green metal flake from old school flake. The owner of the bike said “do whatever with the paint, I trust you.”

…Well, whenever I hear someone say that, I get some really crazy ideas-I mean crazy! But I haven’t gone through with the extremes yet because I am not ready to corrupt children’s minds that might see my perverted visual monstrosities from a school bus window.   Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel differently

So we stayed green shifty flake with an asymmetrical design that is a mutation between low rider and demonic fantasy.

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  1. b-mash says:

    Are those pot leaves on the bottom of the tank?! Shhhh… I didn’t see anything.

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