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Fire Fighter Chopper

Finally after wanting a custom chopper for 7 years, it became a reality.  The owner of the bike is a Fire Chief in Louisiana.  After years of research, he decided on Jeff Williams from Sinners Cycles here in Austin, to do the build and me, (Mathias) to do the paint and airbrushing.

The bike is a Big Bear Chopper and I started airbrushing the frame to look like charred wood with burning, glowing embers in the cracks. It’s an awesome background for all the murals that represent and are devoted to the life and mission of fire fighters.

There are so many intricate details on this bike that it almost needs its own website. And it really needs to be seen in person. It’s an emotional bike, definitely a tear jerker.

The bike has a Facebook page though- Kenny Bordelon

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  1. kenny bordelon says:

    Until today, I have not been as excited as I am, other than the day I married my wife and the days my children were born. Words and pictures cannot explain the way this bike looks. You will just have to see it in person. I can say “WOW’” it will take your breath away as you tear up…

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