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Airbrushed Pinup Girl

Well, ok, you got me.  She is not really a pinup girl in the traditional sense.  I just did that for the tags.  But you can’t deny that that she is one of the most beautiful women you have ever seen.

I started by shooting the panel with chrome metal flake.  The border trim accents are ultra mini metal flake and in the right angle, they completely disappear under the kandy apple red.  The basic layout of her face and body took about 5 hours.  then I used a 2K clear to lock in all the artwork I had done.  During the next session I spent about 3 hours on the hair and the necklace and finished up some details like the lace and facial features.  2K clear again, then gold leaf and pinstriping to finish it up and a final clear to bury it all.

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