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Street Fighter Mural

I just started a custom paint company called the “House of Air” with another amazing and talented artist and painter named Scaz. (our website coming soon.) We have been doing custom paint for a couple of months out of our new 3000sqft shop, and we have a 26ft dual downdraft paint booth as well. Bring on the cars!

This mural is all airbrushed and was the first project that we worked on together as a unit, and we came up with a great system to work on it at the same time and rock it out. This took us 7 days of late nights to paint, not to mention the many heavy hours of design and composition beforehand.

It is located in Austin, Texas, and adorns the game room of Bigcommerce at the Four Points Centre. The mural is 27ft long by 12ft tall. Lee Wilson of New Season Video photographed the whole process in stop motion format, so it will be a pretty interesting time lapse video. (vid coming soon as well.)

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