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Pit Bull Dedication Artwork

Mans best friend Indeed.  K-9s are near and dear to my heart, and this project was a great one to work on.

The owner of this bike and his family have rescued these Pits from some pretty dire straights.

And as a dedication to this great breed and these particular dogs, he asked me to airbrush them on his chopper.

One of my favorites for sure!

2 Responses to “Pit Bull Dedication Artwork”

  1. Brittney says:

    This turned out great! Stoney is my dad and Roscoe is my furry child. Thanks for doing this work for him; our dogs mean the world to us.


  2. Shawna says:

    Thank you SO much for doing this project for Stoney and I. This turned out so much better than we could every imagine. You are a great person to work with and your talent is unbelievable! We cannot wait to get this bike back together and out on the road for all to see. Thank you again, you have no idea how much having these special dogs on our bike means to us. We appreciate everything you did to make this happen.

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