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Lord of the Rings LumiLor

This is a Front Fender on a Harley Davidson Limited Low. The rest of the bike is completely covered in the story and characters from the Lord of the Rings movies.  You probably just saw the rest of the bike and artwork in the previous post…

There is something Very Special about this fender; it Lights Up with the flick of a switch!!! I did all the artwork and airbrushing on top of and electroluminescent coating system called LumiLor. Its basically a paint that lights up and is wired to your battery. When the paint is OFF, it looks just like a ring painted on the background. When the paint is turned ON, I was able to paint it to look like in the movie, when the magical inscription reveals itself in the fire.

Check out the link to see it in action-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwrTGJJsClU

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