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LumiLor Harley for Roger Clemens

I have to say it was an Honor to be able to put a custom airbrush paint job and incorporate LumiLor into a Harley Davidson owned by the Legendary Roger Clemens. His nephew came to me with a lot of good questions and a Great rendering of what he was thinking of doing to his uncle’s bike. His idea was to do a Deep Gloss Black and Burnt Orange with an intense Longhorn Bull charging out of the fire…I think we achieved that.

The kicker is that it was painted on top of LumiLor, the world’s only Electroluminescent pant. At first it just looks like a normal badass paintjob, but then at night, when the LumiLor switch is flipped, the white misty glow that surrounds the Bull, becomes an ethereal ectoplasmic glow…I think we hit it out of the park on this one!!!

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