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LumiLor Hummer Emergency Vehicle

What a great project! It wasn’t easy, but if something is easy, its time to move on to something more challenging. This truck got all the vinyl wrap stripped off and sandblasted down to the rivets. It was repainted because the customer wanted it to last this time. It is a promotional vehicle for Family Emergency Room in Austin Texas. Oh, by the way…The paint Lights Up Too!

The customer wanted the graphics to light up after he saw the LumiLor lighting up on the other projects in my shop. I cant blame him…LumiLor is Awesome! Btw, for the skeptics out there, no photoshop was done on these, just fun with the camera exposure and lens…

The lighting is controlled by an XK Glow Titan bluetooth controller.  i programmed it to keep the cross solid and the EKG to flash like a heartbeat.  Aux battery, inverter installation and wiring was done by Texas Custom Rigging

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